Healthy Dog Treat: Is Swai fish For Dogs?

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Did you know, Dogs love the smell of fish? That’s right! They also love eating fish, a great source of lean protein and good fats.

If you own a dog and are concerned if your dog can have the readily available Swai fish, then the answer is simple.

Yes, it can!

Dogs can have Swai fish.

Dogs can have any fish, as long as it is cooked thoroughly and contains low amounts of mercury.

For a more thorough outlook, let’s lay down everything you should know about feeding your dog Swai fish.

Is Swai fish a good choice of fish for dogs?


If you have ever checked the label behind your dog food, you will most likely find fish and by-products.
Because as mentioned earlier, they are a good source of lean protein, and dogs love the smell of fish.
Fish is also more commonly used to feed dogs with allergies to other protein sources such as chicken.

The collagen in the fish skin can add to bone strength and healthy skin, as observed in a study.

Apart from being a good source of protein, omega-3 fats found in the Swai fish are also known to give dogs anti-inflammatory benefits. Anti-inflammatory nutrients present in fish, showed a significant decrease in suffering, in double-blinded research conducted on dogs.
Dogs that suffer due to IBD or arthritis benefit the most from it. Omega-3 fats also provide nutrients for a better coat and healthy skin, as seen in a 2007 study.

However, this does not mean that any piece of fish is just about right for your dog! There certainly are a few things that you need to keep in mind before adding some extra fish treats to your dog’s diet.

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Precautions When Using Swai fish for dogs

Simply put, Swai fish itself is not harmful to the dogs, but how we prepare the fish for them may be.
For example, using seasonings like garlic can trigger adverse reactions, as it works as a toxin, causing havoc in the dog’s system.
Secondly, frying fish in oil can also lead to trouble rather than health. Access oil can easily upset the dog’s Gastro intestines, leading to more grave problems like Pancreatitis.

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Avoid Fish Bones

But that’s not the worst part about feeding Swai fish to dogs. The real problem arises with Fishbones.

Fish bones are small and brittle and are a threat to the dog’s mouth, intestines, and internal organs.
The experience of having a bone stuck in a dog’s mouth, throat, or organ wall is not only traumatizing but can cost you a hefty visit to the vet.
You may have often heard about dogs eating fish with bones without any scare, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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No Raw Swai Fish for Dogs

Another primary concern most dog owners have is if dogs can eat raw swai fish.
Swai or not, feeding raw fish to dogs is always risky. Like raw chicken, raw fish too can carry harmful bacteria and parasites, as increasingly seen in studies. Parasites like salmonella and listeria are harmful to the dog’s health.

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And the worst part is that these bacteria and parasites can further transfer through the dog’s saliva to humans. Especially younger kids, who are more at risk of being in contact with the dog. People with weakened immune systems are also adversely affected.

So while you can choose to give your dog raw fish, you will have to follow extreme protocols, including sanitization and the use of disinfectants.

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Swai Fish For Dogs -Beware of Mercury!

Last but not least, dogs should be given fish that are proven to have low levels of mercury. There are tons of such fish available in the market, and luckily according to the FDA, Swai fish is one of them. Ah, the irony! Despite being the most accused of containing toxins.

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One way to avoid the risk of feeding your dog with mercury-contaminated fish is to choose short-lived fishes, such as farm-grown Swai, salmon, and the like. As mercury accumulates in fish skin and flesh over time, the longer it lives, the more chances it develops of high mercury levels.

That being said, Swai is a freshwater fish and a type of catfish, one of the top-ranking fish species that contain low mercury levels.

However, false accusations have surrounded this particular fish, mostly smear campaigns.
Swai fish is often called Iridescent Shark catfish, adding another tonne to the accusations. People think that Swai is a shark, but the reason for this nickname is something else. To find out the real reason why Swai is called Iridescent Shark Catfish, see also Does Swai Fish Have Fins And Scales? Find Out Now!

And since sharks are known to have high amounts of mercury contamination, it’s easy for consumers to feel hesitant about letting their pets consume Swai fish.

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All in all, Swai fish is an excellent food source for dogs. However, caution must be taken regarding the amount of Swai fish being fed because too much of anything can lead to adverse effects.

A lot of the time, dog owners don’t realize that dogs consuming commercial dog feeds are already getting all the possible nutrients required for a well-balanced diet.

Adding too much of even good fish can cause GI troubles or, worse, obesity.
So while a couple of treats of Swai fish for your dog each week might be a good idea, adding fish treats every day, not so much. A good rule of thumb is to keep the treats reduced to 10% of your dog’s total food consumption daily. Also, watch your dog’s weight and consult a vet in case the dog is abruptly gaining unusual weight.

And if you are someone who relies on homemade dog food and wants to include Swai fish, check with the vet to ensure that the dog keeps getting all the required nutrients for a healthy gut and body.

Also, always begin by trying a small portion of fish in their diet to check for any allergies or digestive issues. Once cleared, you can keep adding to the amount, as recommended by your vet.

But to conclude, Swai fish for dogs is not only healthy but also relatively light on the pocket and readily available in all major stores, as compared to other fish supplements and treats for dogs.

What do you think? Have you tried using swai fish for dogs?

Let us know by sharing your feedback in the comments section below. We love to hear from you.

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