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The Future of Seafood Industry

How Customers are Shaping the Future of the Seafood Industry by their buying Habits

It is no longer news that many things are shaping the future of the seafood industry.
But amongst the many things deciding its future none seems to be as significant as the role played by the very customers tat we serve.
This fact was also confirmed during the 2023 Boston Seafood Expo where one of the topics discussed was certification for small-scale producers.
It was clear from both the contributions of the panelists and other key stakeholders that more than ever before customers are now deciding and shaping how we produce our seafood products and that sustainability is becoming a very big consideration in their decision of what to buy. 
In the final analysis, every food processor must adapt to the changing trends or face an uncertain future.

Posing with the Keynote Speaker, Megan Green at the SENA23 Expo in Boston MA, USA

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 Financial expert Megan Greene (L) poses with Festus Otasowie (R) during the just concluded Seafood Expo at Boston, Ma, USA in March 2023. Megan was the Expo keynote speaker where she addressed the general outlook of the Global economy and its expected impact on the Seafood Industry 

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