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Now you can conveniently procure some of your favourite African foods and the ingredients you need to enjoy that unique authentic taste of your local recipes!

The Quest For Authentic African Food

Adjusting to life in a new country can be hard.
Meeting new people can be fun especially if you are the outgoing type. So is learning a new language for those who are so inclined.
By far the hardest part is having to adjust to new foods especially if you are unable to find the authentic African food and ingredients you are used to.
At Kabaia Foods Inc, we recognize this could be unsettling for many and hence our desire to provide specialty African food ingredients and ready to eat food products.

Premium smoked catfish 

Original Ingredients -Guaranteed Taste

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That is why Kabaia ensures you get all the ingredients and spices you need.
After all, good ingredients are what you need for authentic African cuisines you have come to love and which are essential in providing those sumptuous meals for your family. 

We Promise To Deliver Quality

We are a Canadian Specialty Food processing brand that focuses on producing premium quality food products for the North American market and beyond. The products we design are put together, keeping in mind the special needs of the communities settled here that have taste roots originating in other areas of the world.
Our products are safe for consumption as we strictly follow the Safe Food for Canadians Act (SFCA), the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR), and the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) food safety standards.
Therefore, we can assure you that our food products can be consumed safely without any harmful effects on your health. Our food processing procedure also ensures that we use premium quality ingredients sourced that are found both locally and abroad so that a fresh supply is present in our pantry at all times.
Our brands are available for purchase in all leading stores and supermarkets across North America. If you want to buy smoked catfish or fresh fish pepper soup, you can simply do by checking out our online stores.
What makes our products stand out in the market amongst other manufacturers is affordability. For all smoked catfish and Fresh fish pepper soup buyers in Europe, America, and Canada, we have good news! Because now you can easily head out to your favourite shops and supermarkets with the guarantee of coming back home with authentic as well as reasonably priced products.
We have years of experience in food processing as well as food packaging. Since our products are ready to eat, special attention needs to be paid to the packaging process.
Not only is our experience limited to that, but you can also count on us to cater to diverse cultures and ethnic groups in the foreign land. This offers you security with the fact that we understand and also adequately meet your food needs

Our Food Products

For the best quality authentic  African flavour

Afang Soup & Smoked Catfish

A good labour of love and fresh vegetables are just a few ingredients we put into this soup to give it the flavour and taste that is inviting and satisfying.  

Banga Soup & Fresh Fish

Our Banga soup is cooked with the best ingredients and culinary expertise that leaves no one in doubt about its taste

Palm Oil Beans

Our palm oil beans  combines traditional African ingredients to create a tasty product that delights even the most demanding palettes

Premium Smoked Catfish

Delicious premium smoked catfish fish for all your cooking needs. Smoked catfish is also a healthy choice 

We Take Care Of You

Our products are free of harmful additives because we do not only want to provide you with fresh food, but we also believe in taking care of your health. Anything and everything that you put inside your system will directly or indirectly affect the functioning. Thus, while preparing as well as packaging food for you, we pay extra attention.
Since we use the finest ingredients and premium seafood supplies, we do not need to add any harmful additives to preserve the quality of our ready to eat food products.
We work closely with our supplier partners of ingredients and protein to ensure they are fresh and naturally made. With the extra care and attention that goes into looking after this, we wish to provide you with premium and best quality seafood products with no artificial preservatives, monosodium glutamate (MSG), nitrates, and nitrites per serving.
We believe every food producer has a huge responsibility lying on their shoulders. Since they are in the food industry and forming the link between the product and consumers, they have to be vigilant about what they provide. This is the goal that we adhere to when serving our customers. Food ethics are taken seriously at KABAIA Foods Inc., which builds our relationship of trust and confidence with the customer base.

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Healthy food products for your family

Kabaia featured products

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Testimonials of what some of our customers are saying

Kabaia Products have been consistent in quality and taste. I have come to rely on them for the healthy nutrition for my family. 

J. Green

Kabaia soups have saved me time and energy creating more time for me to spend doing more productive things I love.  

B. Andrews

With Kabaia smoked catfish, I have the most important ingredient I need for all my weekly cooking. I wonder how I managed without them! 

Clive surreal
K. Wilson

Order your favourite African dishes conveniently

Avoid the hassles of going from shop to shop looking for ingredients and the stress of hours in the kitchen. We do the cooking for you

Benefits to your Family

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Most frequent questions and answers

All our food products are carefully prepared with fresh produce and in line with our quality assurance processes, guaranteeing you get the best quality products each time

We source our produce from carefully vetted local suppliers and farmers ensuring the produce is fresh and suitabe for our use 

All our product are safe for consumption and their labels contain the list of ingredients used in their preparation.

Our products are prepared from original ingredients for each recipe we make. We ensure the familiar taste for each product as we do not use any substitutes.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are confident in the quality of our products and we stake our name on it. That is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our products or your money back for all our products.

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